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You've found the new way to buy a home

Get thousands of dollars in cash rebates when you buy.

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How it works:


Why it works: provides affiliate agents with exclusive customer leads, marketing services, tech support, exclusive training, and time-saving assistance. Most importantly, we provide them with a volume of customers and additional profits that they otherwise would not have had. In exchange, affiliate agents agree to give you thousands of dollars in rebates on your real estate transaction!

How much will my rebate be?

What we do: matches you with a name brand, experienced agent that signs a pledge to rebate you thousands of dollars when you buy your next home. Get their expert advice, full service help, and thousands of dollars in cash rebates!

A Few Easy Steps:


You register with us here at

1422472_check_evaluation_list_research_search_icon.png evaluates your needs to ensure you're connected with a great agent!

396784_contract_document_edit_paper_sign_icon.png contacts the affiliate agent in your market to make sure they're willing to take on your transaction.

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Your affiliate agent gives you great advice, negotiates a great deal, and gets you the home!


The affiliate agent gives you a rebate for thousands of thousands of dollars after the closing.

For Real Estate Agents

Why should you become a affiliate agent and rebate thousands of dollars to our customers? We'll save you time, money, and energy, plus provide you with up to 24 buyers or sellers per year that are ready to go now!

If you're a top real estate agent in your area that has a great professional reputation and is client service-focused, email us at to start a conversation and see if you might qualify as a affiliate agent!

Karen Damico

"I was skeptical at first, but then I met our Affiliate Agent and found out that they are with a real estate firm that we were going to call anyway. Because I called before contacting the firm directly, matched me up with a very experienced agent from that same firm and as soon as we met them I knew they’d do a wonderful job because they were very experienced and so professional. We got over a $15,000 cash rebate on our transaction that we never could have gotten if we hadn’t contacted first and would recommend to all of our friends."

Jonathan & Mary Virge

"Our and affiliate agent was fantastic.  We got full service help at every step along the way, and got over $18,000 in a cash rebate.  It was simple, real, and in fact, I just had my good friend call so that he too can get a ton of money back when buying a home the way my wife and I just did. Highly recommended, it’s a no brainer."

  • Why would a top service affiliate agent rebate me thousands of dollars?
    Because traditionally, real estate agents may give half or more of their commission to relocation companies, brokers, advertising, and marketing. What we do is help bypass or minimize those outdated ways and have the agents pass the money onto you. Why is this important to the agent? Because we save them significant time, marketing money, and hassle. Plus, we give them no risk exclusive marketing services, tech support, and most importantly, provide them with up to 24 buyers and sellers per year and additional profits that they otherwise would not have had. In exchange, they simply guarantee to rebate back thousands of dollars of the commission to you.
  • Are the agents you provide me with any good?
    Yes! We provide you with agents that are known for best in class service, knowledge, and reputation. They are name brand agents who’s traditional customers, that fail to work through, pay full traditional real estate commissions. Our affiliate agents are skilled experts that also... •are a licensed agent. •are a local market expert. •have a professional reputation. •have consistent positive reviews. •sign a Guarantee of Service, Professionalism, and Conduct.
  • Can I get a rebate when selling a home?
    Yes! Sign up with our partner program at
  • How long does it take to get my rebate? affiliate agents are required to rebate you half of the listing commission within two weeks of closing. Most agents are able to rebate you that half of the commission within 72 hours of closing.
  • Am I obligated to use the affiliate agent assigned to me
    You must use a affiliate agent in order to receive your rebate. If the agent assigned to you is unsatisfactory, let us know and we will be happy to connect you with an agent that better meets your needs.
  • Does the agent advertise their affiliation with
    No! If our agents were to offer each of their clients a rebate, they wouldn't be able to sustain their own businesses. But they're more than happy to rebate back thousands of dollars to the clients provided by because they didn't have to go on a dozen listing appointments or waste time and money marketing themselves! You're getting a special deal because provides them with up to 24 buyers and sellers per year.
  • What does it mean when you say I get a full service agent?
    Full service includes doing a market comp plan and market analysis for you to help determine the optimal listing and selling price for your home. It also includes listing your home in the MLS, as well as other sites that can include Zillow, Trulia, etc. Full service also means that your agent will negotiate the offers and contracts on your behalf, help you understand what’s happening, the next steps and the overall process, write and present offers, and provide advice and insight on the various options throughout and past closing, for your unique situations.
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